New hip hop, r&b and slow jams but on a new site!

It's been awhile and I should have told you all sooner but I have a new site -

It will have the same idea of delivering you the most recent hip hop, r&b and slow jams from big names to the up and coming.

Come by, check it out and say hi.


Tru To You

Our bad!
So there's seems to be alot of sites that deliver the same type of content.
We at Hey Djs have decided to put a hold on our posts until we figure what other great ways we can deliver awesome music to ya'll.

In the meantime check out our other site for the new and memorable slow jams.

See you there and thanks for the support.


Stay Tuned

What's good?!

We've been inactive for the last couple of days to get ready for the upcoming school year. Stay tuned for huuuuge music updates.

Thanks for the support.


Music Update

Brandy - Right Here (Departed) Download
Bobby Valentino- Beep Beep ft. Yung Joc Download
Claude Kelly - Have U Seen Her Download
Jackie Boyz - Paying My Dues Download
One Chance - Old School Love Download


Music Update

Chris Brown - Glow In The Dark Download
ATL - Too Perfect For Me
Taj Munroe - Guilty Innocence (Prod. by Soulblazers) Download
Trey Songz - Love Song Download


Hot Fresh Track Picks of the Week

What's good ya'll? Another week of hot fresh jamz. Check it!

Charlie Wilson Ft. Diddy - I Need A Wife (Prod. Underdogs)
Ya'll remember those two hit jamz "I need a girl part 1 & 2." Man, those bring back memories back in 2002. Well, here's a little follow up and it is hawt!! Same formula but for 2008. Not sure if this is the full jam but check it!

Chris Brown Ft. Dre - Hologram Hawt
Very nice hard tune to party to. That's all I gotta say. Brings out the best in Dre with the follow up by Chris.

Clyde Carson - U Got Me (Prod. The Underdogs)
Hawt hawt rap track. Heavy with the strings but that's what makes it epic.

Donnie J - Dr.Love
New bad boy artist Donnie just came out with an album titled, "Just A Rolling Stone." Honestly, he sounds like the run of the mill rnb/pop artist. Nothing special but this track caught my ear. Giver a listen.

One Chance - I'm Callin'
When the hell are these guys gonna release an albuM!?!? Soo many hawt tracks floating around and this no exception. Hype One Chance track. Best part is the beat is complex making for a good song. IMO.


New Joints!

What's good?!

Another set of 4 joints for all ya'll to check out. Today I got 2 new joints and 2 remixes:

Ray L - Fetish (Prod. Konvict)

Fetish is a pretty fresh song. Has that southern vibe that's been floating around ever since Usher's Yeah! but this will keep your party speakers pumpin'!

Sean Garrett Ft. Rick Ross - 6 In The Morning (Remix)

Personal favourite of mine. Sean Garrett only released his album in the far east (Japan). Probably because his label hasn't been backing him but this joint HAS to put him on the map. Especially with Ross. Chill tune. Not as hard as Fetish but still good.

Jennifer Hudson Ft. Rick Ross - Spotlight (Remix)

Wasn't Jennifer Hudson on American Idol? Well, she's got some backing on her remix with Rick Ross. Still the same jam that you hear on the radio but with Rick on the mic rockin' it out. Check it!

R Kelly Ft. Kanye West and Nom - Freak Show (Prod. Scott Storch)

Hmmm...maybe ya'll can help me out. Couldn't hear Kanye on this track but I thought Scott Storch needed a come back. String heavy beat that will make you think of Lean Back. Let me know what ya'll think.