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What's good?!

We've been inactive for the last couple of days to get ready for the upcoming school year. Stay tuned for huuuuge music updates.

Thanks for the support.


Music Update

Brandy - Right Here (Departed) Download
Bobby Valentino- Beep Beep ft. Yung Joc Download
Claude Kelly - Have U Seen Her Download
Jackie Boyz - Paying My Dues Download
One Chance - Old School Love Download


Music Update

Chris Brown - Glow In The Dark Download
ATL - Too Perfect For Me
Taj Munroe - Guilty Innocence (Prod. by Soulblazers) Download
Trey Songz - Love Song Download


Hot Fresh Track Picks of the Week

What's good ya'll? Another week of hot fresh jamz. Check it!

Charlie Wilson Ft. Diddy - I Need A Wife (Prod. Underdogs)
Ya'll remember those two hit jamz "I need a girl part 1 & 2." Man, those bring back memories back in 2002. Well, here's a little follow up and it is hawt!! Same formula but for 2008. Not sure if this is the full jam but check it!

Chris Brown Ft. Dre - Hologram Hawt
Very nice hard tune to party to. That's all I gotta say. Brings out the best in Dre with the follow up by Chris.

Clyde Carson - U Got Me (Prod. The Underdogs)
Hawt hawt rap track. Heavy with the strings but that's what makes it epic.

Donnie J - Dr.Love
New bad boy artist Donnie just came out with an album titled, "Just A Rolling Stone." Honestly, he sounds like the run of the mill rnb/pop artist. Nothing special but this track caught my ear. Giver a listen.

One Chance - I'm Callin'
When the hell are these guys gonna release an albuM!?!? Soo many hawt tracks floating around and this no exception. Hype One Chance track. Best part is the beat is complex making for a good song. IMO.


New Joints!

What's good?!

Another set of 4 joints for all ya'll to check out. Today I got 2 new joints and 2 remixes:

Ray L - Fetish (Prod. Konvict)

Fetish is a pretty fresh song. Has that southern vibe that's been floating around ever since Usher's Yeah! but this will keep your party speakers pumpin'!

Sean Garrett Ft. Rick Ross - 6 In The Morning (Remix)

Personal favourite of mine. Sean Garrett only released his album in the far east (Japan). Probably because his label hasn't been backing him but this joint HAS to put him on the map. Especially with Ross. Chill tune. Not as hard as Fetish but still good.

Jennifer Hudson Ft. Rick Ross - Spotlight (Remix)

Wasn't Jennifer Hudson on American Idol? Well, she's got some backing on her remix with Rick Ross. Still the same jam that you hear on the radio but with Rick on the mic rockin' it out. Check it!

R Kelly Ft. Kanye West and Nom - Freak Show (Prod. Scott Storch)

Hmmm...maybe ya'll can help me out. Couldn't hear Kanye on this track but I thought Scott Storch needed a come back. String heavy beat that will make you think of Lean Back. Let me know what ya'll think.


Lloyd - Lessons in Love

One of our favorite boyz, Lloyd, has also come out with a fresh new album titled "Lessons In Love". It features producers such as Polow Da Don, Bryan Cox, J lack, Big Reese, Jasper Cameron, Eric Hudson, and Tricky & Dream with guest artists, Plies, and Lil Wayne. It'll be hittin the stores August 5th so go out there, buy the album, and support the music industry.

Here's some samples:

Lloyd - Year Of The Lover ft. Plies (prod. Eric Hudson)
Lloyd - Party All Over Your Body (prod. Polow Da Don)

Music Update

Hey guys, as per usual, we got 5 new tracks posted up.

Avant - Perfect Gentleman ft. Alfa Mega
Dontae - Gimme A Break (Prod. by Kadis & Sean)
Ja Rule ft. Robin Thicke - Pushin It
Lee Carr Ft. Jadakiss - Stilettos Remix
Marques Houston ft. Rick Rick - Girls Like Her

Trey Songz - Missin You


Ya Boy - They Know Me

What's good!? Check out this smokin track from Ya Boy! Tiiight.

Personally think this guy has a lot of potentially. Especially with backing from Dr Dre himself.

What you guys think? This guy has what it takes for the Rap game?



New Tracks

Chris Brown - Fatal Attraction Download
Chris Brown - M.I.A. (prod. by B. Cox) Download
Lloyd - Wife You Up Download
Damita - Plain Simple (2008 TiM & BOB Prod.) Download
Usher ft Rico Love - What I Gotta Do Download

LL Cool J ft. The Dream - Baby


New Music

I got 5 fresh tracks for you guys:

Chris Brown - Back 2 Back (prod. by B. Cox) Download
Tre of Atl - Envious (prod. by Oak) Download
Jackie Boyz - Shouldve Loved Me Right Download
Usher ft. Nelly - Long Night (Prod. By JLack) Download
Joe - Beautiful (Prod. By Underdogs & Written By James Fauntleroy) Download

Nas - Hero

New music video by Nas, Hero.


Music Update

Hey guys, sorry for not updating in a while. Schools been pretty busy at the end of the year, but now that it's summer, we'll be more persistent with the updates.

Here's 5 new tracks for you guys:

Day26 - Must Be Love (prod. by b.cox) Download
Francisco - Song She Sang (CDQ+FULL) Download
Jennifer Hudson - Changed It All (Prod. by B.Cox) Download
One Chance - Pimpins In My Blood Download
Young Steff - Disintegrate (2008) Download


May 25

Hey Folks, we got 5 new tracks posted up and available for download:

Damita Haddon - Torn Up (Prod. by TIM & BOB 2oo8) Download
London - Talk About It (B. Cox) Download
Michelle Williams & Flo Rida - We Break The Dawn (RMX 2008) Download
Press Play - Standing Ovation (Prod. By B. Cox - Written By Adonis) Download
Unknown - Closer (Prod. By The Clutch) Download

Usher's "Movin Mountains" music video is up, check it out.


1 Bangin TRACK

What's good?

I uploaded a special track to the music player and also a promotional d/l link for all of you to sample.

BANGIN TRACK!! Definitely feeling the energy and it has great star power behind it.

With Kels legal issues goin on we can't deny that he has some sick tracks. Produced by two of New York's finest talent: Mysto and Pizzi. Out of the box production value and they are still trying to gain more ground. Support! and enjoy the track!

See link for promo: R.Kelly - Bobble (Prod. Mysto & Pizzi)


May 7

Hey guys, got 5 new tracks posted up:

Claude Kelly - Ghost
Colby O´ Donis - Dont Turn Back
Kwiet Storm - Get To Know U (prod. J Lack)
NLT - If You (Prod. by Underdogs)
Jesse Mccartney - Runnin (prod. The Clutch)

Preview of tracks in MP3 player.

We got the new music video "Karma" by NLT.


May 1

5 New Tracks:

3rd Storee - 2 Piece Juicy (prod. Danja Hands & The Clutch)
Raven Symone - Love Me or Hate Me
Lashawn Daniels - Ride Ride Ride (prod. Stargate & Darkchild)
Lil Duvan ft. Young Dro - Night life
Jackie Boyz - Backstage Pass

Preview of tracks are at the top of the MP3 player.

Chris Brown
's new music video, "Forever" is now out.

Thanks for visiting,


April 27

We got 5 new tracks posted up:

Chrishan - I Changed
Darius Coleman - Giving U My All
J-co ft. Fabolous - Werke Werke
Jor-Gio - Get To Know You
Mishon - Come Back (Prod. by Insomniax)

Preview of the traqs are at the top of the mp3 player.

Rihanna's "Take A Bow" music video is up for views.

Thanks for checkin in with us,
see ya'll in a bit.


April 23

We've got 5 new tracks posted up:

Andreus - Fast Life (Prod. Capo Decina)
Dom Ft. 8th Wonder - Hideaway
J. Johnson - Video
Kajun Ft. David Pracyse - In a TranzzZ
NGT - Curiosity

Usher's new hit featuring Beyonce and Lil Wayne,
"Love In This Club (part 2)" is available on the net for your listening pleasures!


New Hits

Here's 7 new tracks from some fresh artists

Bryan Montemayor - Affliction
Duan Fro - Like a Star
Harlem Nights - Meant 2 Be
Tami Latrell - She's in the way (prod. Oak)
Brick and Lace - Cry on Me
NLT - Karma (prod. Timbaland)
Coop Deville - Ex Girlfriend

songs are in the mp3 player
thanks for viewing!


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