New Joints!

What's good?!

Another set of 4 joints for all ya'll to check out. Today I got 2 new joints and 2 remixes:

Ray L - Fetish (Prod. Konvict)

Fetish is a pretty fresh song. Has that southern vibe that's been floating around ever since Usher's Yeah! but this will keep your party speakers pumpin'!

Sean Garrett Ft. Rick Ross - 6 In The Morning (Remix)

Personal favourite of mine. Sean Garrett only released his album in the far east (Japan). Probably because his label hasn't been backing him but this joint HAS to put him on the map. Especially with Ross. Chill tune. Not as hard as Fetish but still good.

Jennifer Hudson Ft. Rick Ross - Spotlight (Remix)

Wasn't Jennifer Hudson on American Idol? Well, she's got some backing on her remix with Rick Ross. Still the same jam that you hear on the radio but with Rick on the mic rockin' it out. Check it!

R Kelly Ft. Kanye West and Nom - Freak Show (Prod. Scott Storch)

Hmmm...maybe ya'll can help me out. Couldn't hear Kanye on this track but I thought Scott Storch needed a come back. String heavy beat that will make you think of Lean Back. Let me know what ya'll think.

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